so this is what a slaughter looks like?

my name's taylor. i have an unhealthy preoccupation with mortality and i hate everything.

† vanity over sanity †

“If I was dead, I wouldn’t know I was dead. That’s the only thing I have against death. I want to enjoy my death. That’s where liberty lies: to see oneself dead.”

—Samuel Beckett, "Eleuthéria" (1947)

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Jul 20 2014

Deep down, there it was. You’re all I had. Tumble into the bed and pray I’m dead. I can’t find the words to break your curse. Something inside the Book of Love, it burns. I want you, oh. I need you, Brother. “

"It wasn’t I. I found the knife buried inside the bed. It looked sort of like love. Digging into the bed, into the night, it’s yours tonight. Even in space, I look for your face: a sparkle or a light."

"Coming through, connection with you: it makes my soul aroused. Ease on through, I found it in you. The animals are there, shimmering through the evil in you. The darkness in the dark

Jun 24 2014


Tell me I’m beautiful while I have your dick in my mouth. 

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" Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.Allen Ginsberg (via aurelle)

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you should plant a tree

or some flowers

or your lips on mine

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Jun 21 2014
Man Ray, Monument à D. A. F. de Sade, 1933.

Man RayMonument à D. A. F. de Sade, 1933.

" The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing.Yasmin Mogahed (via coffeesnot)

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